Water Well Drilling

For those building new homes or facilities, or just need a replacement well, let our experienced professionals provide a FREE ESTIMATE and consultation. Gap Mountain Drilling drills water wells of all sizes and depths using state-of-the-art equipment. We provide sophisticated well clean-outs to alleviate lower water flow and heavy levels of sediment problems. This service freshens old wells to deliver better flow and water quality.


We drill, construct and install residential, municipal, commercial, irrigational, and agricultural water well systems. We take every precaution to ensure that your water will be safe to use and consume.

When Gap Mountain Drilling, LLC is contracted to drill your well, a representative will conduct a site visit in order to determine ideal well locations. After a location has been engineered, we will draft and submit a well drilling permit to your local health department.

Drilling begins by first installing casing, steel pipe that extends from approximately one foot above the final grade, to at least ten feet into the ledge or bedrock, depending upon the site. This creates a seal that minimizes the chance that surface water will contaminate the groundwater supply. Once the casing is installed, the drilling process continues: a drill bit is sent down the casing while simultaneously water is introduced into the borehole. The water creates ‘slurry,’ which carries debris from the drilling up and out of the bore.

Advantages of a Water Well

There are many benefits to having a water well in your property. More money can be saved in the long run as having a water well can definitely lower utility expenses. You will have instant access to clean and fresh water that is not treated with chemicals. No need to worry about water shortages as you will have your own supply in your property. Speak with our water drilling specialist today to learn more about a water well’s advantages.



Gap Mountain Drilling offers commercial irrigation systems. We provide quality irrigation services and products for commercial communities including athletic fields and golf courses.

For further information concerning our expedient and dependable lawn and irrigation services, give us a call today!

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Aside from drilling water wells, we also provide other energy-saving services such as geothermal drilling. You can save on heating and cooling expenses through the installation of a geothermal heat pump system. Being an industry leader, we are known for our commitment to excellent services and high-quality products. We also offer free consultation and quotes!

Increase your savings and enjoy the certainty of having your own water and heating sources. Call us today at (603) 899-3107 for geothermal drilling and heating systems, pump systems, and hydro-fracturing in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the Vermont Regions.


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